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The scales don’t tell your story

At DediKate, we’re big advocates for body positivity and positive self-image! We value health and fitness over kilos and grams – and we’re encouraging all of our members to Ditch the Scales and help us support better mental health in our communities!

For every DediKate member who commits to permanently ditching the scales (that means deciding to stop weighing yourself forever!) we will donate $10 to charity. In New Zealand, the I AM HOPE Mental Health Charity and in Australia The Butterfly Foundation.

“I encourage you to ditch the scales to increase your ability to succeed! The benefits are tenfold and you will see that in your results.”

Kate Ivey

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Scales Measure Weight – Not Success!

Scales only measure one thing – your weight. They don’t tell you how many press ups you can do, how strong you are, how far you can run, or how hard you’ve been working. Yet women still let them rule as their measure of progress and achievement. Scales are a one-dimensional representation of success.

Scales Encourage a Negative Mindset

Watching the scales can make us give up, even when we are doing everything right with our health and fitness! If the scales don’t tell us what we want them to, we can get down and it can ruin our day. You must be patient and focus on doing your best. If you don’t give up, you WILL succeed.

Ditching the Scales Encourages Positivity!

Scales encourage negative body image and do not help us to lead a long-term healthy lifestyle. Mindsets should be positive, and your focus should be on adding things to your life to enrich it. Getting rid of the scales can improve your all-round health and fitness success. Taking them away allows you to really focus on the process. It encourages you to eat healthy foods to make you feel great and to fuel your body, and to exercise for the endless benefits.

Let us know you’ve ditched the scales!

Tell us about YOUR experience ditching the scales and we’ll donate $10 to the I AM HOPE Mental Health Charity in NZ or The Butterfly Foundation in Australia.

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