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In this 5 week programme you will be regulating:

Why DediKate Regulate?

What is included in this programme?

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Is it interactive?

It sure is. Every week you will meet with our nutritionist to go through the booklet and the activities, and to ask questions. If you can't make it live, you can watch whenever suits you!

I'm busy. How long will it take?

We have designed this programme with busy women in mind, so it will take no longer than one hour of your time each week.

Who is leading the programme?

This is written and lead by DediKate Nutritionist Amy Alport. Amy has worked in the health and fitness industry for 10 years helping people to break down barriers and reach their goals in fitness, public health and clinical nutrition. She is passionate about helping women to overcome the struggle to find balance and reduce the pressure around healthy eating. She has a down to earth and purely scientific approach.

Do I get a diet plan?

No you will not get a diet plan. Everyone is different and a diet plan does not allow for individual requirements and personal development. This is a nutrition education process that goes back to our much needed basics. You will get clear instructions around foods, nutrients, portions and so much more but not a diet plan.

How much does it cost?

To take part in the DediKate Regulate Programme is $99 NZ Dollars. This gives you access to 1 weekly live interactive education session (with option to watch back) - 5 in total. 3 supportive emails per week offering direction, advise, recipes, motivation and extra material. Live Facebook Q and A session with your Nutritionist every Thursday. Ongoing email support and access to your Nutritionist throughout the 5 weeks The chance to win a $250 New World voucher. All material required through the printable E-booklet and a bonus interview with DediKate’s founder Kate Ivey.

I am a DediKate member is this included in my membership?

DediKate Regulate is not included in a DediKate membership, however DediKate members can participate through purchasing and registering.

Do I have to join the live sessions?

Nope! You most definitely can watch the Monday education sessions and the Thursday Q and A sessions as a replay. They will be uploaded to the DediKate Regulate Facebook page instantly after the sessions have finished. They will be pinned at the top of the page for easy access.

How do I interact in the live sessions?

The live educational sessions on Mondays and the live Q and A sessions on Thursdays will be on a live video chat on the DediKate Regulate Facebook group. No-one can see you during the live sessions but you can see Amy. All questions are taken as written questions that you can submit through the comment box on the live video. Amy will answer all of your questions.

Do we follow a strict eating plan?

No way! This is not a diet, instead it's an education programme. Teaching you to regulate your appetite and your food choice to nourish and fuel your body in the way that best suits your goals.

Who is this programme suitable for?

Anybody who is done with fad diets and overly restrictive plans, and instead wants to prioritise their health and wellbeing on their fat loss journey. Those who want to increase their nutritional knowledge and reduce diet anxiety. Those who need to work on mindset and stop the negative diet mentality. As this is an education programme, not a diet it is suitable for most people including vegan, vegetarians, non-exercisers, athletes, you, the list goes on.

Nutrition Education Programme Testimonials

Hear what members of our Nutrition Education Programmes have to say about our DediKate Nutritionist, Amy Allport and the programme.

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HIIT and Strength Workouts

Each week we release new no equipment HIIT workouts, and strength training workouts using just a Swiss ball and 2 sets of dumbbells. Workout with us from the comfort of your own home, in the park or at the gym. Just hit play and follow along with us.

Yoga and Pilates

Each week there are 2 new Pilates sessions and 2 new Yoga sessions added to DediKate. Perfect to balance out our more intense workouts, or to do alongside the Nutrition Education Programme while you focus on improving your nutrition.


DediKate has hundreds of each to make, family friendly, nourishing and healthy recipes. And a new one is added every week!

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