Weights for Winter

What’s included?

Benefits of Weights and Own Body Weight Exercise

Weekly Prizes to be Won!

We will be giving away exciting winter themed prizes from successful rural businesses each week in the DediKate Facebook Support Group.

How to Participate

Get started on your Weights for Winter journey in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Step 1

Sign up on DediKate for a 7 Day Free Trial.

Step 2

Step 2

Register for Weights for Winter for FREE on DediKate (challenges tab).

Step 3

Step 3

Print your planner of choice or save it to your device, and get ready to start on May 30!

7-day free trial


Do I need weights?

Nope! You can choose between two planners, one with 'Weights' and the other with 'Body Weight'. You can also choose workouts on DediKate that either require equipment or workouts that do not require equipment.

What equipment do I need?

If you are following the Own Body Weight Plan, you do not need any equipment. If you are doing the Weights Plan you will need:

  • 1x set of Dumbbells 1-3kgs (light set)
  • 1x set of Dumbbells 4-8kgs (heavy set)
  • 1x Swiss Ball
  • Resistance Bands (optional)

How long is the challenge?

This challenge is 7 weeks! You will workout 4-5 times a week.

Is this plan suitable for those who are pregnant or postpartum?

Absolutely! At DediKate we offer safe pregnancy and postpartum workouts. We also offer exercise plans specific to pregnancy and postpartum that you can do alongside Weights For Winter, simply select the Blank Planner and substitute the exercises given in your pregnancy and postpartum challenge.

Is the challenge suitable for all ages?

Yes! We have a range of high impact and low impact options designed for all women of all ages. Even our most challenging workouts offer modifications for those who need them.

I feel like I’m not fit enough, can I still do this challenge?

Yes! We have low impact workouts that are suitable for all fitness levels, these will help you safely and appropriately return to exercise. We also have a super supportive community on Facebook who are also starting out, just like you!

How can I win the weekly prize?

Comment on the relevant post for that week in the DediKate Support Group to be in the draw to win a prize from one of the amazing brands!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your DediKate Membership at any time. You pay in advance, so if you cancel, your membership will stop when your next payment would have been due.

Where do I find the Dinner Plans?

These are launching on Monday 23rd of May, and you will find them in the Recipes section on DediKate.

Bonus Feature - Nutritionist Designed Dinner Plans

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Health and fitness for rural and real women, mums and those who love a down-to-earth approach to fitness - everyone is welcome! Get fit and strong, feel great and build a long term healthy sustainable lifestyle with our team located throughout both New Zealand and Australia.

Workouts for All Levels of Fitness

From Beginner and Postpartum Pilates to Core Connect and Low Impact workouts to Weights, HIIT and Yoga, DediKate offers all workout types so you can choose the best ones for you.

100s of Healthy Recipes

From healthy dinners to a snack on-the-go, we share fresh and easy recipes every week.

Anywhere, Anytime

DediKate is designed to fit into your lifestyle, so you can workout whenever or wherever you are.

20 min Workouts

Make it easier to find time for exercise with our wide range of short and effective 20 min workouts to suit your lifestyle.

Types of Workouts

We have something for everyone at DediKate! If you choose the weights planner it will be mostly weights with some Boxing and HIIT, Pilates, Yoga or Stretching. If you choose the own body weight planner it will be mostly HIIT and Boxing with some Yoga, Pilates or Stretching. If you choose the blank planner you can pick your own!

Weight Training

Using basic equipment, tone and strengthen your body with our low impact strength workouts and our high intensity resistance training workouts that you can do anywhere.


Our HIIT workouts are designed to be a short but high intensity blast. Put in maximum effort for a short amount of time to get results.

Low Impact

Low impact (no jumping) workout options so you can build strength and fitness without high impact.


We offer two types of boxing workouts; BOXhiit, HIIT style workouts to improve your all round fitness and strength and BOXlift, low impact yet fast paced boxing style weight training workouts.

Yoga & Pilates

Designed to help you centre your mind and body, strengthen and tone your body and improve your flexibility, muscle balance and control.

Resistance Band Workouts

A 20 minute high intensity resistance workout using resistance bands. You will tone and strengthen your entire body, with an extra focus on your legs, core and glutes.

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