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We are a community of women taking a new approach to fat loss with a focus on physical health whilst ever so importantly protecting our mental health. In this 5 week programme you will be regulating the way you talk to yourself, the way you perceive food, appetite management, food patterns, your relationship with food and internal eating cues to get long term fat loss results! If, like us, you are done with quick fix diets that rarely get you results and leave you feeling worse than before, Regulate is for you! We will be there right alongside you to make sure you are well educated, staying healthy (in mind and body) and getting sustainable results. This is the secret to successful fat loss! This is not a diet. This is an education! Purchase now, and be ready to start on Monday 8th November. Once you have purchased you will get an email with the link to download the programme booklet and the link to join the exclusive DediKate Regulate Members only group. Please see our Terms and Conditions No refunds.

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