How exercise increases confidence! 💫

23 Sep 2023

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The most common improvement DediKate members report after starting workouts is CONFIDENCE. If you've been looking to boost your confidence, here are 3 reasons why DediKate workouts will help!

Nutritious, filling snack ideas! 🥕

20 Sep 2023

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Snacking helps us to concentrate throughout the day, as well as keep our energy levels up! DediKate Nutritionist, Claire shares some great savoury and sweet snack ideas!

When Should I Increase My Weights?

8 Sep 2023

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It can be difficult to know how much and when to increase your weights, especially if weight training is new for you. We're here to help!

Is My Body Ready to Return to Exercise Postpartum?

8 Sep 2023

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Whether you had a baby 1,2,10 or 20 years ago - it is important to rebuild your body through exercise! We are here to help you make an informed decision on where to start your return to exercise!

Raw No Bake Peppermint Slice

24 Aug 2023

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This no bake peppermint slice is a great healthy alternative, refreshing and will satisfy the sweet cravings! 🌿

How to Build a Healthy Lunch!

17 Aug 2023

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Struggle with what to eat for lunch? Read DediKate Nutritionist Claire's top tips for fuelling yourself with a nutritionally balanced lunch that will have you feeling great!

How To Get Back Into Exercise!

8 Aug 2023

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It is possible to get back on track after a break from exercise, whether it be a short or long break! Be kind to yourself and focus on how good it FEELS to exercise! For many, there is a negative association with exercise fr…

How To Workout At Home 🏠

2 Aug 2023

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Working out from home breaks down so many barriers to exercise for so many women. Find out how to get the most out of your at-home workouts!

DediKate Lift Success Story - Dora Godsiff

27 Jul 2023

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The team at Kate Ivey Fitness absolutely loved reading Dora's story and journey with DediKate. Dora has experienced many benefits from DediKate, and that is why we love what we do! "I've just completed the Lift challenge and…

All About Protein Powder!

21 Jul 2023

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Protein powder is often associated with athletes and bodybuilders as a way to build muscle. Even so, protein powder has so much more to offer your body than that!

DediKate with a Mate - EVERYTHING you need to know!

14 Jul 2023

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DediKate with a Mate is one of our most successful challenges on DediKate! Find out everything you need to know before you begin. ⬇️

DediKate28 Success Stories! 💪

13 Jul 2023

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We loved hearing from two DediKate members and how much they loved the DediKate28 Challenge! 🫶 "For the first time in my life after a very long time, I am excited about being fitter and look forward to any of the workouts in…

Q+A with our new DediKate HIIT + Strength Trainer, Mikahla!

29 Jun 2023

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Are you ready to try Mikahla's super fun and fresh HIIT and Strength workouts!? 💦 First, let's get to know our new Strength and HIIT Trainer at DediKate, Mikahla!

Chocolate Protein Pancakes 🍫

21 Jun 2023

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These protein pancakes will keep you going all morning, so they are ideal post-workout!

Benefits Of Exercising As You Age

14 Jun 2023


Exercise has always been a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. However, exercise becomes more vital as you age. Find out why! ➡️

Introducing our new Mindset and Wellbeing Coach at DediKate, Sarah Dickie!

7 Jun 2023

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Born and bred on a high-country station in the Waitaki Valley, Sarah holds a strong belief that we are all capable of more than we think and is passionate about the infinite capacity of growth in all of us.

DediKate Rural Success Story - Jo Wilks

1 Jun 2023

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Jo's story and journey with DediKate has warmed our hearts and has inspired all of us here at Kate Ivey Fitness. 🫶 "I cannot tell you how much it’s revolutionised my health, both physically and mentally. I love the variety a…

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