All About Protein Powder

22 Jul 2021


What is it? Should I be taking it? What makes a good one? Our Nutritionist Amy gives us all the info!

Is My Body Ready to Return to Exercise Postpartum?

20 Jul 2021


Your mind is ready for exercise, but is your body? We help you make an informed decision on when is the right time to begin rebuilding your body.

Amy Oughton Success Story

20 Jul 2021


Amy has found DediKate's postpartum workouts great for her mental health after the birth of her second baby!

Getting Past a Plateau

15 Jul 2021


A plateau in your health and fitness is a great chance to change things up and set some new goals!

Nutrition for PCOS

13 Jul 2021


PCOS, or Polysistic Ovary Syndrome affects 10-20% of the female population. Here, Amy discusses what PCOS is and how your diet can help!

The Importance of Rest Days

9 Jul 2021


It's easy to get sucked into thinking 'more is better' when it comes to exercise.....Here we talk about why that may not be the case!

Molly Carr's Success Story

6 Jul 2021


Molly is a real life American who found DediKate via a friend on Instagram - and she hasn't looked back!

Are Sweeteners Safe?

4 Jul 2021


All the sweetness of sugar, minus the calories...Are artificial sweeteners too good to be true?

Mocha Breakfast Smoothie

1 Jul 2021


High in protein and with a coffee hit!

Let's Talk Flexibility

30 Jun 2021


Greater flexibility can help improve performance, deepen your range of motion and decrease your chance of injuries. Are you ready to get flexible?!

Eat Yourself Happy? Nutrition and Mental Health

28 Jun 2021


What is the link between the food we eat and our mental wellbeing?

Strength Training in Pregnancy - When and Why!

25 Jun 2021


What is strength and resistance training? Is it safe during pregnancy? What are the benefits? Our pregnancy expert Jess gives you all the info!

Different Types of Exercise

22 Jun 2021


HIIT, cardio, weights, pilates and yoga….There are many different types of exercise, so how do you know which is right for you?!

Amy Huggins Success Story

21 Jun 2021


Amy has now been a DediKate member for over a year and has learned to embrace the highs and lows as part of her journey!

How To End The Battle With Sugar Cravings?

17 Jun 2021


DediKate Nutritionist Amy talks sugar cravings and how to manage them!

Post Workout Muscle Soreness

15 Jun 2021


Feeling sore after working out? DOMS could be the reason!

Should We Be Eating Red Meat?

10 Jun 2021


DediKate Nutritionist Amy helps to clear some of the confusion and help you make an informed decision on your red meat intake!

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