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Welcome to Kate Ivey Fitness. Our online fitness community will motivate and inspire you to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle. One you can maintain, that makes you feel great - no quick fixes!

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Welcome to Kate Ivey Fitness

DediKate is the online health and fitness community for busy women. It will enable you to achieve your health and fitness goals, without having to spend too much time or energy! Our focus is on looking and feeling your best and never giving up! Become a part of our amazing community of supportive and inspiring women, all striving to balance their busy lifestyle with fitness, health and fun!

“My own experiences have inspired me to create an online fitness community to motivate and encourage others."

Kate's Story

About DediKate

Wanting to achieve your health and fitness goals, without having to spend too much time or energy? Say hello to DediKate – a supportive community of women who are working to make exercise a consistent part of their lives. Everything we do at DediKate is about leading a healthy lifestyle long term – no quick fixes. We encourage you to do your best but allow yourself to learn, work on progress not perfection and to take the pressure off yourself.

Getting Started

Starting something new is often scary, but we’ve got all the information you need to ensure you succeed in your health and fitness journey.

20 min Workouts

Make it easier to find time for exercise with our wide range of short and effective 20 min workouts to suit your lifestyle.

Keeping Healthy

Take the hassle out of what to eat by trying our delicious new healthy recipes, perfect for the whole family.

Workouts for All Levels of Fitness

From Beginner and Postpartum Pilates to Core Connect and Low Impact workouts to Weights, HIIT and Yoga, DediKate offers all workout types so you can choose the best ones for you.

Watch our Story on Seven Sharp

It started as dream of Kate's, after struggling with her own health and fitness as a Mum of three. DediKate is now a community of thousands of women across New Zealand and Australia. Watch the DediKate story as told on TV 1 New Zealand by Seven Sharp.

Member Stories

No matter what your health and fitness goals are, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Hear what some of our members have to say about how DediKate has helped them achieve success in their own journey.

Types of Workouts

Choose a workout from our wide variety of options. We recommend you do the newest one from the workout type you choose, to get you hitting play ASAP! Remember the sooner you start, the sooner you will be finished.

Weight Training

Using basic equipment, tone and strengthen your body with our low impact strength workouts and our high intensity resistance training workouts that you can do anywhere.


Our HIIT workouts are designed to be a short but high intensity blast. Put in maximum effort for a short amount of time to get results.


Our audio-based cardio workouts are designed to motivate and encourage you through your session. Great for those who want to increase their cardio fitness, efficiency and endurance.

Low Impact

Low impact (no jumping) workout options so you can build strength and fitness without high impact.

Yoga & Pilates

Designed to help you centre your mind and body, strengthen and tone your body and improve your flexibility, muscle balance and control.


We offer two types of boxing workouts; BOXhiit, HIIT style workouts to improve your all round fitness and strength and BOXlift, low impact yet fast paced boxing style weight training workouts.

Stretching & Relaxation

Designed to do on rest days or after a workout, when you need to unwind or when your mind and body wants some go-slow.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

We have workouts designed by qualified and experienced pregnancy and postnatal specialists. So you can move your body effectively, knowing it is safe.


Join us on a variety of guided meditation sessions, aimed to help with your attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

DediKate Plans

Sign up for a two week free trial then choose your payment plan.*

*You will receive a free 14-day trial then you will be charged for the selected plan unless you cancel. Your membership will automatically renew upon expiration for the same term you selected at the same price until you cancel. Cancel easily on the account tab on DediKate.

Membership Includes:

  • 24 new workouts/classes uploaded every week
  • Workout Challenges
  • On-demand workouts
  • Nutrition support and guidance
  • Recipes and Meal Plans
  • Specialised instructors
  • Support and motivation from DediKate members

DediKate Weekly

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DediKate Challenges

DediKate Challenges are a great way to keep you motivated, focused and to give you direction with your exercise. Choose what suits you – we run challenges that you can do anytime, or join us on a specific challenge throughout the year that starts and finishes on a set date.

Thrive in 5

Don't miss out on our last DediKate Challenge for 2021 - Thrive in 5! This is a 5 week high intensity interval training challenge packed full of pump – with lots of variety to keep you motivated, keep your body guessing and get you results.

Thrive in 5 is perfect for those who want to increase their overall fitness and finish of the year feeling energised and confident heading into summer!

Join now and get ready to officially start Monday, November 22nd!

Meet the Team

DediKate is made up of a wonderful group of qualified health and fitness professionals whose aim is to provide you with the skills and motivation required to meet your health and fitness goals.

DediKate Community

We have a super supportive online community group on Facebook, called the Kate Ivey Fitness Support Group. You can interact, motivate and inspire or be inspired by other DediKate Members.

What's Going On

Keep up to date with all that is happening in the DediKate world.