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Whether you’re a new Mum, returning from injury, just beginning your fitness journey or are after something more advanced – we have you covered!

DediKate offers Low Impact, Yoga, Pilates, Weights, Running and HIIT workouts as well as stretching, nutrition and mindset work – there’s something in there for everyone. All our workouts are effectively designed for getting fit, losing fat and gaining lean muscle (without having to spend too much time!).

Our workouts aren't just images on a screen showing you the next move, our trainers film and upload new workouts each week so you’ll never get bored or reach a plateau. Our recipes are easy to make with the advice and expertise focused on long-term and long-lasting results. Our community of amazing and supportive women will provide real and relatable inspiration.

“There are so many reasons to stop weighing yourself, once and for all!”

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Stretching & Relaxation

Designed to do on rest days or after a workout, when you need to unwind or when your mind and body wants some go-slow.


Our audio-based cardio workouts are designed to motivate and encourage you through your session. Great for those who want to increase their cardio fitness, efficiency and endurance.


Our HIIT workouts are designed to be a short but high intensity blast. Put in maximum effort for a short amount of time to get results.

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