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Why DediKate 55+?

What’s Included:

How to Participate

Get started on your DediKate 55+ journey in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Step 1

Sign up on DediKate for a 7 day free trial.

Step 2

Step 2

Register for DediKate 55+ for FREE on DediKate (Find this under the 'Do Anytime Challenges' tab).

Step 3

Step 3

Print your chosen planner or save it to your device.

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How do I access the workouts?

When you go to and login to your account you will find all the workouts. Choose a workout video and follow along!

What if I have a question or need some support?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with Kate and the team any time by emailing

What else do I get access to?

As a DediKate member you get access to everything on DediKate! This includes new workouts uploaded each week, workout challenges, recipes, specialised instructors, support and motivation from DediKate members and more!

What technology do I need?

You need either a smartphone, laptop, computer or ipad/tablet and internet connection to access DediKate

Is this programme open to both NZ and Australia?

It sure is! Infact anyone anywhere in the world can take part.

Do I need equipment for the workouts?

You will need 1 set of dumbbells 1-3kgs, 1 set of dumbbells 3-8kgs and a Swiss ball.

Kate Ivey - Founder and Trainer

Anna McDermid - Head Trainer

Billie Buckthought

Workout anytime, anywhere

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